Staying alive



If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. – A writing challenge from the e-book 365 days of writing prompts, January 11th.

The first part of the book, all that has happened up till now, would surely be interesting. Stories and chapters filled with love, joy, and adventure, also a few moments of frustration and embarrasment. To be reminded about good moments and victories that otherwise had faded into eternal scilence. A source of experience and stories to share with family and friends.

The second part of the book makes me very uncomfortable. Not only that there may be things to expect that you would not look forward to. What troubles me with the part of the book telling all that will ever happen in my life is that I cannot reduce damage or make any alternative choices.

Since it is already in the book, it will not be changed. Not a sentence, not a word, not a single spelling error could be corrected. No preventive actions would work, no choices can be made, nothing I do would actually change the future.

Not only my free will would be amended, but dreams and desires would be pointless. And with will, dreams, and desires gone there would not be anything left to hope for. As hope is the last a human gives up, there would be no life only a walking dead awaiting the releif from eternal sleep.

No, thank you, I do not want to read the book revealing all that will ever happen in my life. I want to stay alive and live my life fully.


Being bland


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Zero to hero today put me to work with the about page. So I did.

The perfect about page is something that the reader notices, that quickly and firmly charms into curiosity and desire to read more.

A difficult task. I am not the loud charming clown or the natural center of the room. I am bland, I blend in.

I could be the perfect secret agent, the person that nobody takes notice of. I establish myself in the group I slowly make friends, build relationships and bit by bit collect information. I am noticed only by my absence.

And you expect me to write the perfect about page?!

Curious and Unafraid


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Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to change the blog header. This post is written after I changed the header image from the default Chateau theme castle interior to an image of a calf.

I liked the sophisticated atmosphere that the default header gave. I would have liked to change to something in the same mood, but I could not find any picture I have taken that delivers what I want. And so be it, let’s change the mood of this blog, I am not in any way unhappy with the new header. I can always change back later if I regret my decision.

I settled for a picture of an Austrian calf that I met in the alps. The calf was gracing the mountainside with his herd when I came walking along the path. I could notice that the creatures were used to meeting humans. They barely moved to let me pass, they were curious and unafraid. Like cows often are.

I find cows to be very pleasant and loving animals. Cows have been part my life from time to time. As I grew up with one foot in farming, I had quite a lot to do with calfs and bulls that my father raised. Between ten and twelwe years old I pretty much managed a small stock of around ten animals myself. After that my father’s business changed direction and he decided to not continue with cattle.

When I was seventeen and eighteen I lived with a veterinary and his family. That gave me the opportunity to go out and work in the field. This was in a dairy district, so I met many milk cows both in the pastures and in the stables.

In later years I have met cows and bulls mostly when hiking in farmlands or when I am jogging outside the small town where I live now. Actually my only dramatic encounter with a calf was a couple of years ago in our garden.

A half grown calf had run away from one of the farms, it had lived in the forrest for about a week. The owner and the farm hands had tried to catch it without success. They even brought its mother cow into the forrest to lure it. It did not work. The animals communicated, but the calf did not come to mommy.

One evening we heard a noice in our garden. When we looked out we saw four men and three shepherd dogs trying to corner the calf and catch him. I went outside and tried to help. After about forty minutes of chasing and blocking, the men and dogs were tired, but the calf was even more tired. One of the farm hands jumped over a bush, tackled the calf to the ground and roped its hoofs.

When things had settled down and the calf was led into the cattle trailer to go back home, the farmer said that the calf had got too much taste for the free life and it could expect to live the rest of its life indoors.

Playing around


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Today’s fifth challenge in Zero to hero is to play around with themes. Ok, so be it.

By default I got the theme Chateau. I liked it so Idecided to stick with it until I find something better. In the managing themes menu it is easy to preview what my blog would look like with a particular theme. So let it be done.

After randomly previewing about twenty themes, I have learned that I like a clean style without too much fuzz in the background, much like Chateau. The three best alternatives to Chateau found in today’s little tryout would be:





Bold Life


For now I will stay with Chateau, but I will surely change to another theme later on. Still left to explore and get grey hairs over is the choice of header image. But that is for another day.

I have found balance.


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Volunteering is a lot of fun, getting involved, commit to be a part of making things happen.

I am a cashier in a local club for people sharing interests in a hobby that I enjoy. It is a task that I do without any complaining or sweat. Money and numbers have always been easy for me to handle. Hence it does not take much effort or time to fulfill my commitment in that respect.

But have you tried book keeping you know the frustration when it is time to close the books for last year and everything seems finished, but for some reason there is a small difference somewhere. The income statement is not in line with the balance sheet. It is a small number, but it needs to be found. Working through all the individual bookings and accounts, checking the sums. The “Oh I found it” quckly turns out to be “no, only a part of it”, and now the difference seems even more odd. “What have I done??!!”

The frustration can go on for hours, even days, where is the problem? Over and over again the numbers are checked, double-checked and crunched. Then, all of a sudden it is all clear, how could I do it that way and why on earth didn’t I see it? It is so obvious, at least now!

A correction is booked, the accounts are summed up and the closing of last year is done in seven minutes. The frustration is gone, I feel at ease, light at heart, smiling because I have found balance.

Exploring what is on my mind


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The fourth Zero to hero assignment is learning to use the Reader, search for tags to find interesting blogs to follow. The beginning of building a community around my blog. I decided to pick five tags that tell a little about what I have on my mind right now, Searching for zerotohero as the first one, as this is what I am doing right now.

What mostly fills my mind and my days right now is that I will go to Düsseldorf in about ten days, to study german for six months. There are a lot of things to take care of before I leave, and time is not entirely on my side.

Once in place in Germany with everything new and exciting around me I have to avoid failing into comfort and forget about my running habit. I enjoy running very much, it clears my mind and keeps me somewhat in shape. I have also signed up for my fourth half-marathon race in May, and I wouldn’t want to miss it because I got lazy.

Today I just booked the ticket to Duesseldorf, which leads into airplanes. From time to time I end up watching private pilots on youtube flying their Cessna or other small planes. One day I will take a flying lesson to see if a private pilot license (PPL) and flying would be something for me. The idea of being able to manouver a flying machine attracts me very much, the question is if my spare time and my wallet  feel as attracted me.

Here are five interesting blogs I found and followed, one from each tag:

one cool site

state of distraction

polygot scot

Kerriels running


cessna chick

A bad plan is better than no plan at all



The third  Zero to hero topic is to write the post I had in mind when this blog was started.

I can’t do that.

When I started this blog I had no idea for a first post. My idea was and still is to have a go at writing challenges to improve my writing skills and get experience while searching for a style and frame for future blogging topics. And I still have no idea for the next post. I will stick to doing my best to stand up to the writing challenges.

This is a development process.

My blogging desire is to reach out with my ideas and thoughts to readers that are willing to discuss them and help to develop them further.

Being an easy learner, knowing a little about most things and always curious to learn more I tend to shift focus from one topic of interest to another. That means in order to keep up a blog over time, it needs to be broad enough to accomodate my ever changing directions, but streamlined enough to stay on track over time so that the readers don’t lose faith and interest.

Just got an idea!

One way may be to become a project blogger. To write about a topic for a certain time or a certain number of posts. After that closing the blog or topic and move on to something new. Who knows?

Waitning for experience to carve out more answers I stick to the plan and put writing practice first. Following a bad plan is in most cases better than acting with no plan at all.

This is my name, for now



The name of this blog is nothing that I am extremely happy with, not to mention the tag line.

My undecisiveness on blogtopics and themes is truly reflected also in the name of this blog; the blog is indeed a box where I put my writings. Writings that all are for practice, inspiration, and research for fulfilling dreams of becoming a Blogger.

The blog name was invented in short time with little effort and much anguish, the tagline was born after even less thinking under much irritation. I found that I needed a tag line when the theme prompted during registration.

What to pick? feeling that I needed to get something out of me, I quickly got a tagline out of my system.

It turned out to be a fairly true tagline, not only because I felt that I needed to come up with something, but also because I want to get texts out of my system into my box of writings.

Summing up, thematically correct so far, so good – but I am not at ease with the name and tagline. I will live with the them until I come up with something better. I had to come up with something quick, I wanted to get the blog started.
Suggestions to names and variations are welcome, what do you think?

This post is my post to the second day´s challenge “What’s your name” in Zero to Hero 30 days to a better blog. Today I also added a text widget, a category list, and a tag cloud.



I am a communicator. An informant. A storyteller and a listener.

I truly enjoy talking and exchanging ideas with almost any person I happen to spend time with. I love hearing your story and share my experiences. In my work I write thousands of words every day, I speak tens of thousands sentences every week. Every day I hear so many stories, and get so many ideas and thoughts I want to share and develop further with your help.

But am I a writer?

I have carried an urge to blog for many years. I have had at least thirtyseven different ideas for topics and themes. I could write about business topics, the enviroment, work life, love life, fiction, jogging, hobbies, learning new languages, share a personal diary, share thoughts on finance, cars and airplanes. The list is never ending.

I can’t settle for how and what about I want to blog.

As I saw the zero to hero challenge and the e-book 365 Days of writing prompts the solution was clear to me: Blog for a year about anything and everything. Join in on writing challenges and get the thoughts out of my system.

After that year I will know if I still want to be a blogger, I will know if I can keep up a blog, I will have improved my writing skills, and hopefully found out which topic(s) my future blogging will evolve around.

Yes, I will learn to be a writer.