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Before you read any further, please read this story. I liked it very much, do you?

Day twelve in Zero to Hero tells us to build a post on day eleven’s comment. I commented on the post linked above. It is a post that trigged both my imagination and my memories.

I came to think of a war story from world war two that my grandfather on my mother’s side told me as a child. I could not have been more than six or seven years old when I heard it. The story was very special, and the way I remember what happened sounds almost unlikely to have happened. But giving it some more thought it may actually be possible.

About two years ago I asked my aunt, my mother’s sister, if she had heard and had any memory of that particular story. She could not remember having heard about that particular event, and we agreed that my memory is probably distorted by a child’s imaginative interpretation of what was told.

The day after, she phoned me and said that she all of a sudden had remembered the tale, but she could not remember the exact details but she had sure heard it being told.

Now, have we both heard the story I remember, or did my question affect her memory function, making her believe that she had actually heard something that never was told to her? Who knows, there is no one more left alive to ask, it will have to remain a mystery.

So, what about the actual war story?

I will keep it to myself a little longer, I think I could make either a decent fiction post out of it, or a post about a memories. But not now, it needs some memory mining before the writing work can begin.