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What comment would you like to get on your post? And what part of my reputation do I want to emphasize as I comment on your work?

Let’s continue day seventeen with  the impression theme from Zero to Hero day sixteen path also on this day seventeen. Here are a few simple examples of comments affecting the impression you make:

Thank you for a very interesting website, I really liked your information. Here you can read more about what I have to offer: http://www.docdavesbraintransplants.com

I guess that Doc Dave will not sell any brain transplants, at least not to you? But how will the impression of his comment affect his reputation? Well, Doc Dave just do not keep a reputation.

Thank you for a well written post about the moral issues with brain transplants, here is what I wrote the same topic: http://www.docdavesbraitransplants.com/whohasmoral

This post on the other hand would give a good impression enough to have at least the author of the commented post click on the link. Let’s hope that Doc Dave can match the expectations.

I really like your post and your blog, keep up the good work 🙂 http://www.docdavesbraintransplants.com

This comment is encouraging, but it may leave the suspicious blogger with the impression that Doc Dave is trying to respond to a challenge in Zero to Hero, and is feeling a little tired and just want to get his comment and assingnment in place. But if Doc Dave at the same time decides to follow the commented blog, he is most likely a true fan.


Doc Dave is marketing his blog, but he should get back to reading the Marketing 101 text book.

You are an ID**T, you don’t know half a donkey’s a** about BRAIN transplants, your method did appearently work when you tried it on your own a** !!!!!!!!!!! http://www.docdavesbraintransplants.com/howitshouldbedone

Making comments in this category requires a sense for proportions, and is nothing for the faint hearted. It could in worst case trig the war of the trolls. But if Doc Dave knows what he is writing about, this could be the beginning of a long friendship, he might even have found himself a new customer.

Except the last one, the above were all examples of the types of comments I have received to my posts. Have I missed any kind of comment that you have received? Please let me know, leave a comment!