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Zero to Hero day eighteen, I will pass on the social networking for now, and for this blog. I will save that for later.

Reflecting on yesterday’s post, what impressions did I get reading about the same topic as I had written about and did it lead me to reconsidering my own interpretation?

I read about ten randomly selected posts, all of them more or less very much alike. They were mapped out somewhat like this: 1. What is my reputation, according to someone else, 2. What is my reputation according to me, 3. What I would want my reputation to be. 4. Who I really am, based on 1,2,3.

Ok, fine with me. But in yesterday’s mood none of them really caught my attention.

One post I randomly clicked on, happened to be from a blog I already follow. The text was about the interpretation of the word reputation from a gender perspective. Lauren Kells associate reputation for a woman with “A woman of a certain reputation”, and the reputation of a man with a faceless professional bio feeding professional respect.

I agree that it is a short path to make the connection of woman + reputation = a woman of a certain reputation. The short path is the sad result of a society that will not let a woman own the exclusive rights to her body and sexuality in the same way as a man does.

But I can come up with a association to man + reputation = a man of a certain reputation. To me that would be a man known for not being able to keep his job for longer periods of times, often due to reasons as drinking or gambling. A man who frequently have relations with women of certain reputations. A man who walks away to the bars and bookmakers, leaving the woman to handle whatever responsibilty is left behind. Leaving her with the certain reputation.

A man with a certain reputation is a man with a stigma. But this stigma is not at all as severe the stigma of a woman with a certain reputation.