One of the comments I made for day 11 of Zero to Hero was an encouragement to Style not trend. Not only to be a good neighbor but also because it is a good blog. I have always had a soft spot for fashion and good style.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table looking at the clothes in my mother’s mail order catalogs, only skipping the boring pages with underwear and the childrens’ department. Always making lists to my mother what she should buy and what I would want to have later as a grown-up.

A few years later, being in my early school years I never missed the ten minutes weekly fashion report on TV. I remember being engulfed by the creations on the catwalk, one more stunning and impractical to wear than the other.

I tried to draw some dresses and coats, but I never got my heart into it. I was never gifted in the drawing department, or in the sculpture department, artistic department, or sports department either. My inability to get my inner visions visible on paper quickly made me lose patience.

Not missing my lost designer career, I still follow the fashion reports and like to look at clothes and styles. As an adult I try to see the message and the lifestyle, or desired lifestyle, communicated.

My friends often say that I talk a lot about style and fashion, but I dress like I had no interest at all. Well, that is true, but I cannot afford to buy the clothes I want to wear.

From time to time I play with the thought of letting go and buy an expensive jacket or an expensive accesory – a designer bag perhaps? But the frugal myself always win, and I continue to look at the sales’ offers for timeless garments with style. Dreaming about a completely different class.