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The ninth Zero to hero assignment is to once again dig into the blogosphere and follow five new blogs.

The best ideas are stolen or borrowed so I decided for the copycat method. I check out the blogroll of my followers and pick one each to follow from five of them.

Well, that idea didn’t turn out all that well. Only two of my followers have a blogroll:

From the blogroll of  ♥ Jackie Speaks It ♥ I selected  SUPERDANNI.

From Damyanti I decided to follow Mostly Bright Ideas.

So what to do with the other three? By coincidence I found that HBR blog network is possible to follow via the Reader.

For the fourth and fifth blog to start following I went back to the  copy cat method. But this time I had a look at blogs that I already follow, what do they have on their blogroll?

From Sourcerer I picked The North Sound to follow

and from KerrielsRunning, Chasing Pavements was followed.

So all in all I was 80% copycat today.